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Here at Prodeco Pharma our choice has been clear from the start: we want our end consumers to feel we are their closest partners, ready to fully support and guide them towards the resolution of their health problems. That’s why our top priority is to guarantee everyone good health and well-being with our offer of

 products that are effective and totally harmless at the same time.

… That’s why we continuously provide updates and in-depth information on the most widespread health issues.

Just because we care so much… at Prodeco Pharma we have decided to offer an in-house medical consultancy service, with a doctor available to assist you in understanding your specific situation and guide you along the right path leading to full health and well-being.

Dr Federica Olivi

Dr Federica Olivi

In-house doctor at Prodeco Pharma, Dr Olivi holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery awarded at the University of Padua, Italy


I decided to join the Prodeco Pharma team because from our very first meeting I distinctly felt that the company was infused with a special life force.  During the subsequent, getting- to- know- each- other phases, there was no doubt as to Prodeco’s reliability and commitment in addressing health-related problems coupled with a strong determination and coherent approach in its defense of life. As a doctor, I believe that complementary therapies can indeed be integrated with conventional medicine.

I feel perfectly in tune with Prodeco Pharma’s philosophy and consider it a great opportunity to be able to further develop my knowledge and competence regarding medical treatments, whilst practising the profession and maintaining an independent judgement within an ethical framework. At Prodeco Pharma what I make available, apart from my professionalism, is my attitude towards listening, which enables me to establish a true, empathic relationship with users to gain a better understanding of their needs. This way I can do my best to provide practical support.

Listening is a quality I have learned to appreciate over the years, encouraging me to seek new and different tools to use and manage this skill. What I have converted into my own view is E.M. Secci’s thought: “Love ends where listening comes to a halt.” What I have in common with Prodeco is tenacity and resilience: the ability, that is, not to succumb to problems and to failures occurring in life, but to draw strength from such events, instead, to reorganize life positively in the face of difficulties.

I have learnt that “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” My encounter with Prodeco did not come by chance; it was rather like reaching the desired port that hadn’t yet been marked on the map I was following. Desire and curiosity fuel my journey. I have gotten lost and found the right path in the meantime, always trusting my inner voice and looking for a deeper meaning in things. Finally, I somehow see myself in the story you can read below. Thank you for your attention and let’s wish us all a happy life!

The story of a very unlucky man

This is the story of a boy born to a single mother who gave him up for adoption, and who was later forced to attend university before having even figured out what he really wanted to do in life. After embarking on an expensive university course, however, things soon fell apart, leaving his family almost on the streets. Confused, yet persevering, the young man stayed at the campus, somehow getting by: collecting cans in the local park in change of a few dollars, being put up by his fellow college friends or sleeping rough. Not much of a life. In the grey, apathetic scenario, the boy found inspiring beauty only in posters and other texts produced at the university calligraphy courses. Following his intuition, he decided to attend a calligraphy course and soon became passionate about different character types, about the art of drawing, composing and separating them to obtain a perfect result.

For sure, all this had nothing to do with his studies, yet it was just that he felt like doing at the time. The boy was Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, who turned out to be one of the most shining examples of human resilience. Without his endurance, Jobs would probably have been crushed by his university failures and by his apparent incapacity to find a meaning to what was happening to him…. as is the case for many, in fact. When telling his interesting story to students gathered at Reed College, he explained his resilience as “the ability to connect the dots”, i.e. the ability to put the pieces of the life puzzle together so as to have the complete picture featuring all experiences – even the most difficult and dramatic ones. He added that “If I had never dropped out, I would have never dropped in on this calligraphy class, and personal computers might not have the wonderful typography that they do.

At that time, it wasn’t surely possible for me to ‘connect the dots’ and have an idea as to what was awaiting me… but it all became clear looking back a decade later… Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

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