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Our Home

Our Italian headquarters in Castelfranco Veneto is our home, built on our principles and on our life and work ethos.

The well-being of a company is not only linked to customer satisfaction, but also to the happiness of those running the company and working there. At Prodeco, the ethics and culture of well-being are harnessed in every detail, characterising a reality that cares for the demands and the wellbeing of all.

Quotes from remarkable men and women hang from the walls, invoking inspiration, motivation and proactiveness. There are also basketball hoops hanging on the wall to remind us to always aim for and achieve our goals.

If you put people in the “right place”, where they can bask in well-being and express their passion, they will achieve results that even they didn’t believe they were capable of achieving.



At the office we walk around with our shoes off, “just like we do at home”. Walking barefoot whilst going about our daily tasks has several health benefits.

We work with “music for the brain”, Mozart at 432 hz. 432 hz is the natural frequency of our body and the universe, stimulating balance and relaxation for body and mind.


We have a gym to do exercise, a creche to provide support to mums and dads that are under constant pressure to find a work-life balance.

A meditation room, a relaxation area with turf, a library to promote culture and holistic health specialists available to promote well-being.