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Our Home

Our Italian headquarters in Castelfranco Veneto is our home, built according to our principles and our philosophy of life and work.

The well-being of a company is connected to the satisfaction of its customers, and also to the happiness of its leaders and employees. At the Prodeco House, the ethics and culture of well-being are cultivated in every detail, a defining feature of a business focused on the needs and well-being of all.

On the walls are quotes from extraordinary women and men who can instill us with inspiration, motivation and a proactive attitude. There are also hoops, so we never lose practice in aiming and hitting our goals..

If you put people in the "right place" for them, where they can enjoy well-being and live out their passion, they will achieve results that they never thought possible.

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Ethics and well-being in business - MY PRODECO HEALTH

We walk around barefoot at our company, just as we do at home. Walking barefoot during daily activities has numerous health benefits: it promotes blood circulation, improves posture and balance, and gives a feeling of psychological well-being.

Every day, we work accompanied by 432 Hz music. This particular number arises from a natural resonance with the underlying frequencies of our bodies and the universe, stimulating the balance and relaxation of mind and body.

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We have a gym to practice sports, a dog area, a meditation room, a relaxation area with grass, a biblioETHICAL library to promote culture, and holistic health specialists at our disposal to aid wellness.

Our corporate benefits have expanded with the arrival of BIA (bioimpedance analysis), a tool that can detect hydration levels and estimate body weight.

In this video, Giovanni and Simone explain how this state-of-the-art instrument works and what is the health support service for members of the Prodeco Pharma family.

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