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Social Responsibility

We share to create a process of growth where sustainability is a paradigm of ethical development and an innovation incentive.

We believe in the future expression of our idea of doing business. A business model that can be replicated and is part of the solution for well-being and not the problem, that aims to interact and create dialogue with the social and territorial system of reference, that is able to grow with its environment and in the world.

We support social and environmental initiatives through an active cultural movement, aiming to make more people aware of respect for life in all its forms and conscious of all the good things that may contribute to health and well being of yourself, others and the environment.

At Prodeco, we are convinced of the fundamental role that nature plays in helping to improve people’s health. That is why we want to be aware of and incorporate waste reduction initiatives that could have a positive and lasting effect over time.


Sosteniamo le cose buone: environmental sustainability


against single-use

As one of our environmental sustainability initiatives, we have decided to actively contribute to the fight against single-use plastic pollution, which is becoming an ever-more serious problem and causing huge damage to the ecosystem.

Not only do we have a PLASTIC-FREE approach, but we are gradually doing away with the throwaway concept in favour of reusing:

we started by installing mains water dispensers in-house that give us access to top-quality and microbiologically pure filtered water.

All our events are managed with reusable materials and, where possible, from renewable sources.


We have replaced plastic disposable cups and stirrers in the coffee machine with reusable, long-lasting cups and spoons, and all colleagues are given a kit with a water bottle and bamboo fibre cup.

With the help of our partners, we will plant more than 1,000 trees in Val di Sella to reforest an alpine area that was severely damaged by Storm Adrian in October 2018.


Sosteniamo le cose buone: social sustainability

We take part in socially useful initiatives and support associations and NPOs that are close to our heart.


Ca’ Leido, an educational day community in Altivole (Treviso), managed by the social cooperative Sonda in collaboration with the “I Bambini della Fate” (Children of the Fairies) Foundation that hosts autistic children and youngsters, running numerous training activities.



The “I Bambini delle Fate” Foundation is a social enterprise that has been ensuring financial support to social inclusion projects for families with children affected by autism and other disabilities since 2005.


Campoverde, a social agricultural cooperative founded in 1995 that involves people with mental health problems in its organic farming production processes; through work and contact with nature, those involved can find the value of another chance for themselves, obtaining a real social reintegration.


We have a football club aiming to train future champions by teaching them to make the most of their talent and their passion through distinctive principles that promote education, culture and development for the FUTURE ADULTS OF TOMORROW.