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Prodeco Professional: 360° specialization for pharmacists and herbalists

Healthcare Professionals play a fundamental role for us, as they act as spokespersons spreading our message and our idea of well-being. That’s why we care about them and constantly invest in their training. We provide classroom courses, in-store training activities and online webinars, providing them with all the tools they need to enrich their skills.


Our health depends, above all, on the small actions we take every day, such as nutritional choices and physical activity. That's why we at Prodeco Pharma don’t just provide a product, but we train our partners to listen and support in order to define a holistic and tailored treatment.

Our consulting method relies on the use of systemic protocols that consider imbalances not as problems in their own right, but as warning messages sent by our bodies to let us know that something’s wrong at a deeper level. Consequently, our approach is not to act only on a topical level, but to investigate and resolve the source of the problem.


We have created a network of outlets with which we structure a special journey: ethical outlets (pharmacies) and ethical oases (herbalist shops). Those who choose to become ethical outlets or ethical oases become part of a project that puts people and their needs first, through counseling and health education.

It’s an international network of professionals who choose to embark on a path of excellence. Being part of this group allows you to have a wide range of natural, effective and harmless alternatives at your disposal, widely recognised for the resolution of the most common health problems and structured in therapeutic protocols. A shared path supported by continued professional training on our holistic approach and a range of exclusive and dedicated services.

“Our winning strategy depends on the sharing of the Law of Advocacy: that is, advocating a holistic approach towards life, that aims to favor the body's physiological processes, both in solving the problem and in maintaining a state of good health".


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