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Research and devolpment

At our laboratory, thanks to many years of experience, we invest in the search for the most effective and innovative solutions for health problems, with a formulation philosophy that follows the “law of helping and not hindering”.

Our work is based on a number of important formulation principles: the selection of functional ingredients, synergy between the various components, completeness of action, perfectly adapted and innovative phytotherapeutic forms, suitable and effective concentrations, the high quality of raw materials and the completeness of action of the phytocomplex.

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We create various pharmaceutical forms that take advantage of the highest technology to achieve, excellent quality that meets the expectations of the end user. Thanks to our holistic approach to health, we promote the restoration of balance: we do not counteract the body's physiological processes to eliminate symptoms, but instead address the causes effectively and ensure rapid relief from symptoms.

We care about improving the quality of life in all its aspects and are careful not to exceed the resilience capacity of the ecosystems on which we depend, so that everything remains in full harmony.


Our research is aimed at achieving the best result, without compromise, in a perfect balance between nature and science, guided by criteria based on naturalness, efficacy, quality and innovation. To achieve excellence in our formulations, we choose ingredients by selecting the best producers while also placing great value on the environmental and ethical sustainability of the processes. Our products are not tested on animals, are suitable for vegans and are gluten free.

We believe in dialogue for knowledge sharing, which is why we test our formulations in collaboration with leading university laboratories.

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We have an extensive list of more than 130 products including medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements. For certifying our products, we rely on our collaboration with the National Institute of Health. Our products constitute a valid, safe and effective therapeutic solution, widely known and appreciated by both health professionals and users.

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GSE enhanced for systemic use

GSEvo® represents the latest innovation tied to Grapefruit Seed Extract, the result of expert use of the most advanced tools, such as Molecular Bioliquefaction®, for systemic solutions.

Molecular Bioliquefaction®

Molecular Bioliquefaction technology® is a patented process based on the use of enzymes that allows for the recovery of 100 percent of plant phytocomplexes in an active, bioavailable form, making them particularly effective for use in phytotherapy. 

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gse evolved

GSE enhanced for topical use

For topical solutions, the action of GSE was maximized through an innovative technology, Hyperfermentation, resulting in GSEvo®lved.

Grapefruit seed hyperfermentation
Using a patented production process, which combines Molecular Bioliquefaction® with fermentation, all parts of the seeds (including those poor in sugars) are made fermentable. The patented process is called "Hyperfermentation." These patented technologies allow us to obtain a phytocomplex rich in active ingredients that are highly complete and bioavailable, enhancing its effect.