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Research and devolpment

In our laboratory, thanks to years of experience, we invest in researching the most effective and innovative responses to health problems, with an ethos that follows the “law of helping and not hindering”.


Our ethos principles


  • Selection of appropriate functions

  • Synergy between the various functions

  • Action completeness

  • Ideal and innovative phytotherapy methods

  • Ideal and effective concentrations

  • High quality raw materials

  • Action of the whole phytocomplex

We create different pharmaceutical forms that exploit the latest technology, achieving excellent quality that meets the end user’s expectations. Thanks to our holistic approach in health terms, we help users restore their balance: rather than hindering the body’s physiological processes to eliminate the symptoms, we deal with the causes effectively and guarantee fast symptom relief.

We care about improving quality of life in all its aspects and we are careful not to exceed the load capacity of the eco-systems that we depend on, keeping everything in complete harmony.


We conduct our research to obtain the best, with no compromises, in a perfect balance between nature and science, guided by criteria that are based on naturalness, efficacy, quality and innovation.

To ensure the premium quality of our formulations, we only select our ingredients from the best production companies, which also attributes great value to the environmental and ethical sustainability of the processes.

Our products are not tested on animals, are suitable for vegans and gluten-free.