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What is Prodeco

Phytotherapy for your health

We have been building responses for people’s health for more than 30 years, providing phytotherapeutic solutions that are able to treat the root causes of the problem and evaluating the choices that will keep both body and mind in good health. We share a passion for nature and we are fully devoted to acting in a coherent, responsible and sustainable manner in order to create a 360° culture of WELL-BEING.

Ethical by Nature

For us, being ethical means keeping our promises and having the courage to do the right thing for ourselves and others, whilst respecting our values and principles. We imagine a future where helping rather than hindering becomes the only sustainable life choice for common health and well-being.

A big project that continues to grow

We have been distributing products and training tools, supporting the growth of a professional network of pharmacists and herbalists throughout Italy since 1988. We reached our first targets as part of a global development plan in 2016.


Universal Values

Our behaviour is always driven towards providing well-being and support to our spokespersons, whether internal company employees or partners. What in corporate terms is defined as a mission is for us a true “raison d’être” that goes beyond profit. We are guided by three highly ethical values that give a deep sense to our work, efforts and successes each day: Love, Well-being and Sustainability. A “shared journey” towards life, health and its intrinsic link with happiness. A personal and professional mission that is governed by the absolute value of LOVE.

Guiding principles

Our daily work is inspired by an absolute principle of ethics and it is on this basis that, together, we have defined 5 corporate principles to inspire and guide our behaviour.