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Prodeco is...

Phytotherapy for your health

For more than 35 years, we have been in the business of creating solutions for people's health, offering innovative and effective phytotherapeutic solutions that enhance choice, making it possible for people to keep their bodies and minds healthy.

Together with our partner pharmacies and herbalists, we share a passion for nature and are strongly committed to taking action to create a 360° WELLNESS culture.

Ethical by Nature

For us, ethics means keeping our promises and having the courage to do the right thing for ourselves and others, in accordance with our values and principles. We envision a future in which the choice to put one's abilities in the service of nurturing, instead of opposing, becomes the only sustainable lifestyle choice for health and common welfare.

A big project that continues to grow

Since 1988, we have been distributing products, training tools and supporting the growth of a professional network of Pharmacists and Herbalists throughout Italy. Starting in 2016, we have achieved the first milestones of an international development plan.


Absolute Value

For us, what is usually called a "Mission" in corporate terms is a true "meaning of life" that goes beyond profit. Our guiding value is highly ethical and which gives deep meaning to our daily work, struggles and successes: the absolute value of unconditional love towards ourselves, towards others and towards the planet that hosts us.

It is only by acting with conscience, guided by unconditional love, that one can have the courage to do the right thing.

We are committed to giving concrete shape to the value of unconditional love by translating it into two important goals:

WELL-BEING, being well.

Guiding principles

Our daily work is inspired by an absolute principle: ethical conduct. From this starting point, we established together the 5 corporate principles which serve as inspiration and guidance for our daily behavior.

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