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Ledum Palustre

Ledum Palustre


The name is of botanical origin and was inspired by Ledum Palustre, a small shrub of the Ericaceae family, common throughout the entire Northern hemisphere and well known in the phytotherapeutic and homeopathic tradition for its repellent action against insects and mosquitoes in particular.

The brand name “Ledum” by Prodeco Pharma comes from the name of this precious, useful plant and characterizes the whole line of natural products that have as their essential ingredient the mother tincture of Ledum palustre.

Mother tincture obtained from the leaves of Ledum, in fact, is rich in numerous chemically active ingredients, among which flavonoids (quercetin), coumarin, mono and sesquiterpenes aliphatic alcohol and a precious essential oil. These natural molecules are responsible for the intense, penetrating scent, pleasant for man but abhorred by insects. Thanks to its unique composition, when applied to the skin the mother tincture makes it unattractive for mosquitoes or other insects. Moreover, Ledum palustre also has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect and can therefore provide rapid relief from the typical, annoying symptoms caused by insect bites.

Ledum mother tincture, combined with carefully selected essential oils, can give life to extraordinary formulations that offer total, indispensable protection during open-air evenings out. It is moreover included in formulations developed to relieve itching, ideal to offer a sense of well-being to the skin.

Ledum was the first brand registered by Prodeco Pharma in 1990.

The Ledum Palustre makes your skin unattractive to mosquitoes


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