Prodeco Pharma shares these essential cornerstones with the Ethical Sales Points: Italian pharmacies, herbalist’s shops and parapharmacies that consider our company as an equal partner supporting from behind the scenes, while the leading role remains in the hands of health professionals.  An active role with only one, specific goal: to take care of people in difficulty by assisting them with medical advice on effective and harmless phytotherapeutic remedies, whenever a specialized health operator is needed for expert advice, to solve a specific health problem, to restore and maintain health and well-being.

Anyone contacting an Ethical Prodeco Pharma Sales Point will find health professionals…

  • who are perfectly aware of their important social role, making their competences and their professionalism available in favour of public health, considered as a top priority over mere profit;
  • who are convinced that through a holistic approach the most widespread and common health problems can be solved: with natural remedies based on natural plant extracts, coupled with a correct lifestyle (diet, positive thinking, etc.).