Prodeco Pharma, ethical by nature, was established in 1988. The idea was to create an enterprise that could be useful both for anyone wishing to benefit from its healthcare products and approaches, as well as for professionals that would join and form part of a company offering a corporate model in which each and every one can find personal and professional satisfaction and fulfillment.

Over the first decade, Prodeco Pharma started producing and marketing its own range of products, gaining increasing experience and competence while establishing the exact characteristics that each product would need to embody.


this will always be a sine qua non dogma for us, as the true feeling of satisfaction shared by all members of the Prodeco Family comes from positive feedback to our work. Nothing, in fact, can be more rewarding than receiving a note from consumers who write: “thanks to your products I have solved a problem that was disabling for me!”


We firmly believe that nature can offer effective and harmless health remedies. Nature is powerful for better or for worse. As a matter of fact, the most deadly poison in the world is a toxin of plant origin! Therefore, it is essential to have the right competences in order to “manage” resources naturally available and, if the aim is to develop remedies that are truly effective and harmless, Nature allows us to achieve satisfaction at times unimaginable.


Ongoing research and study designed to improve efficacy and usability of products devised and manufactured.  Use of our own or third party’s patents that involve formulation, production process and primary packaging.

A holistic approach

From our point of view, a holistic approach is the obligatory step if reaching a definitive solution to health problems is to be our ultimate goal. The human body does not consist in self-contained compartments and the scientific approach, aimed at and focusing exclusively on solving diseases that affect specific organs or apparatuses, can offer only “symptomatic” treatment, which is, however, neither decisive nor free from side-effects.

In all our approaches, apart from considering the human body as a whole, we pay special attention to lifestyle, including advice that emphasises the importance of a healthy diet, daily exercise and positive thinking as key factors ensuring good health. All this bearing in mind that greater benefits in terms of solving health issues and keeping in good shape can only be achieved if the approach aims at enhancing physiological processes instead of just counteracting symptoms, as is often the case in modern medicine as well as in “alternative”, natural medicine which, however, have aims other than obtaining definitive solutions.

Prodeco Pharma, today. An ethical company, literally meaning, in deontological terms: “it keeps its promises”. Over 120 professionals, daily committed to making their dream come true: health and well-being for everybody. This is indeed Prodeco Pharma’s first objective. Our pleasure is to receive an email saying:  “thanks for existing, I’ll always be your fan for the rest of my life and I’ll tell all my friends!”  A further, noteworthy result will add on to the satisfaction for having uprooted a health problem: we take pride in being able to prove that the holistic approach – providing for natural remedies combined with proper nutrition, daily exercise and positive thinking – epitomizes a method that does not contrast but instead promotes physiological processes, becoming a lifestyle that enables a good, healthy condition to be maintained.

At that point the following feedback will only come natural: … “… you have changed my life in a positive way!”

Prodeco Pharma can therefore become a business model in which all parties win: end consumers because they benefit from approaches devised to deliver what they promise; health professionals because they can provide sound, effective advice, and therefore fulfill their social role; company members win, too (companies are not abstract entities but a community of people who share the same objectives), who find fulfilment in realizing that, each with their specific role and competences, contribute in implementing approaches that improve people’s lives.

Prodeco Phamily team members distinguish themselves for their excellence. They are proud and feel privileged to be part of us, but also feel a sense of responsibility: they know perfectly well that being part of an ethical company (that keeps its promises) means being an ethical person, too. Our Phamily is rapidly growing year after year and our wish is to continue along this path of growth, becoming a positive example of a company that satisfies all persons involved without anyone being exploited.