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Symptoms and relief

Our purpose is not to hinder the physiological processes of the organism. Ours is a holistic approach. An approach that encourages the ristoring of the physical balance, by facing the causes as efficiently as possible and by ensuring a fast relief of all the symptoms.




Mosquitoes are insects belonging to the Culicoides family of the order Diptera, containing over 3000 different species. The female is equipped with a buccal apparatus capable of pricking the skin of other animals to suck fluids (e.g. man’s blood) that is necessary to complete ripening of their eggs.

Keeping the socio-healthcare aspect of mosquito behavior under control is essential to prevent infections from spreading, since mosquitoes repeatedly prick individuals and can transmit even serious diseases through biological fluids (blood).

Prevention is therefore the first step to take: adequately protecting oneself to avoid mosquito bites, adopting simple rules of common sense when staying out in the open air during the evening or approaching humid, swampy places infested by these insects. Secondly, treatment after the insect bite should not be underestimated but carried out with the necessary precautions and using the right remedies.