GSE Intolerance is a product line formulated to address the problem of food intolerances with the specific objective of countering their causes and obtaining, through implementation of a complete programme, a definitive solution.   Prodeco Pharma’s innovative approach, hinging on the extraordinary properties of Grapefruit Seed Extract, aims at achieving three essential results: 1) restore the intestinal mucosa’s integrity: an inefficient selective filter function is, in fact, at the origin of the  “leakage” of food macromolecules through the mucosa; 2) optimize the intestinal “ground”, integrating it with beneficial microflora and with digestive enzymes; 3) foster the draining of toxins (inevitably accumulating as a result of food intolerances) and improve the functionality of relevant organs. Intake of selected natural functional principles for such purpose is recommended at three different times during the day: morning, noon and evening. This serves the dual purpose of providing the right intake of all useful substances and at the right time of the day to maximize their effectiveness. GSE Intolerance line consists in 2 kits: one for a 15 day treatment; and another sufficient for three months, the recommended minimum period to secure a significant and lasting outcome.