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Social sustainability

We are not just a company: we are a family that shares a life project, values and principles. We dedicate ourselves to socially useful initiatives with passion and unconditional love.

We dream of an inclusive world where people support each and even the least privileged individuals can fulfill their potential, living actively within a community, enjoying the richness of relationships.

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With GSE INTIMO, joining hands with the Onda Foundation

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Prodeco Pharma stands with the Onda Foundation, the National Observatory on Women's Health and Gender, through the "Women's Friend" network, aiming to ensure women have more and more access to prevention and well-being..
"Women's Friend" is a social sustainability project that takes the form of a specialized and informative service at our partner Pharmacies, Parapharmacies and Herbalist stores, which aim to become reference points for campaigns and services dedicated to women's health, spreading an important message:

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Among its various activities, Prodeco Pharma has contributed to the organization of the “H-Open Week”, an initiative involving more than 300 Pink Label Hospitals spread throughout Italy, with the aim of offering women a range of free clinical-diagnostic and informational services.

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Run for Children

Prodeco Pharma is the main sponsor of "Run for Children" Treviso, the recreational running event that supports the LILT “Giocare in Corsia”, ("Playing on the Ward") project, carried out under the patronage of the city and the Veneto region.

This initiative was developed in 2017 thanks to the idea of founder Gian Luca Sacilotto, who wanted to create an event with a 100% charitable purpose. We made it happen: the entire registration fee is donated to LILT "Playing on the Ward."

For more information and registration, follow the pagina Facebook di Run for Children.

Why should a child who has been admitted to hospital have to give up on "being a child"?  LILT “Giocare in Corsia” ("Playing on the Ward") is a group of about 150 volunteers happily engaged in bringing "play" to pediatrics wards. Read more: www.giocareincorsia.com

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Stomach Days is an initiative that Prodeco Pharma has been organizing for years. It consists of a month of education and awareness on the most common gastroesophageal issues.

In 2022, we offered people the opportunity to get a complete gastrointestinal wellness treatment by donating €4.50 to the Fondazione Banco Alimentare NGO and receiving BIODIFeR worth €24.50 as a gift.

The entire amount collected throughout the period was donated to the Fondazione Banco Alimentare NGO, with the aim to ensure a Christmas meal for those in need.

United for social inclusion

We are involved in socially valuable initiatives and support NGOs and nonprofits we are passionate about.

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Ca' Leido is a daytime educational community in Altivole (TV), run by the Sonda Social Cooperative in collaboration with the "I Bambini delle Fate" Foundation, which houses children and young people with autism, carrying out many supportive activities.


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The “I Bambini delle Fate” Foundation is a social enterprise active since 2005 which has been providing financial support for social inclusion projects and pathways organized by local partners for the benefit of families with autism and other disabilities.

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Campo verde is a Social Agricultural Cooperative established in 1995, dedicated to organic cultivation, which involves people with mental health problems in its production processes with the aim of social reintegration.

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We have a football club that intends to train future champions by educating them to harness their talent and passion under the guidance of key principles that promote the education, culture and development of the FUTURE ADULTS OF TOMORROW.