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Environmental sustainability


We share in the creation of a growth process in which sustainability is a paradigm of ethical development and a driver of innovation. We believe in a replicable business model that is part of the solution for well-being, that is willing to interact and enter into dialogue with the social and territorial system present, that is able to grow together with its environment and within the world.

Through an active cultural movement, we support environmental and social initiatives, seeking to raise more and more people's awareness of the respect for life in all its forms and of all that is good and contributes to the health and well-being of oneself, others and the environment.

At Prodeco, we are convinced of the essential role that nature plays in helping to improve people's health. This is precisely why we want to be conscious and incorporate waste reduction initiatives that can make positive and lasting contributions.

The home of Prodeco Pharma

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We work on making our buildings more energy efficient,, with the aim of minimizing consumption and using only energy from renewable sources, in order to improve the environmental impact of our activities in accordance with the sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations.

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from single-use


Among our initiatives, we have decided to make a concrete contribution to reducing the use of single-use plastics, a growing issue that is damaging the ecosystem.

We are no longer using any packaging made from virgin plastic.

  • At our HQ we have installed water dispensers from the water main, which allow us to have high-quality, microbiologically pure filtered water available without resorting to buying plastic bottles.
  • We have replaced disposable plastic cups and spoons at our coffee machines with ceramic cups and steel spoons that are washable and durable over the years. All our events are organized with reusable materials, originating from renewable sources wherever possible.
  • We provide all our employees with a kit consisting of a reusable water bottle and cup made from bamboo fiber.

In addition, with regard to bottles and pill containers, we have embarked on a gradual path of replacing all virgin plastic materials with materials containing 50% post-consumer recycled plastic or polymers from renewable sources (PE from sugarcane).

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FSC certified paper

Another act of care is to always choose, whenever possible, to use paper from responsibly managed forests, that meet strict environmental, social and economic standards, recognized by the FSC® label.

  • All of our product packaging is FSC and Ecolabel certified. EU Ecolabel is the European Union's ecological quality mark that distinguishes products and services characterized by a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, while at the same time maintaining high performance standards.
  • For tertiary packaging, we use FSC-certified boxes, recycled paper filler material and paper adhesive tape.
  • Most of our marketing materials (brochures, leaflets, etc.) are made of FSC-certified paper.

500 trees

On October 27 and 29, 2018, Mediterranean cyclone Vaia destroyed 41,491 hectares of forest in 473 Italian municipalities. The region hardest hit was Trentino Alto Adige, with 18,300 hectares devastated.

Through the efforts of its partner stores, Prodeco Pharma wanted to contribute to the redevelopment of storm-damaged alpine areas by taking part in the WOWalps project promoted by WOWnature and donating 500 trees to the Sella Valley..

WOWnature is the result of the efforts of Etifor, a spin-off of the University of Padua engaged in research and development of sustainable projects that can restore the balance between humans and natural systems, with the aim of actively supporting the rebirth of the green lung.

To learn more, visit the website www.wownature.eu

Let's protect Marsican brown bears

The Marsican brown bear is a species endemic to the Italian territory which is highly endangered due to incidents arising from the mismanagement of the natural territory. Only 50 specimens remain today, living in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, the Majella National Park and the neighboring Apennine areas.
This is why Prodeco Pharma and its partner stores have decided to support WWF in the many activities they are organizing to safeguard this endangered species.

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Together for a clean ocean

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a community of individuals, organizations and businesses working together to help clean our oceans and raise awareness about the problem of marine waste pollution. Our choices and actions can lead to big changes, which is why for the past two years we have joined SEAQUAL in this fight, taking part in their KIT Estate initiative.

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