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Ultrasonic room diffuser

Icona practical packaging

Practical packaging


The AERODIFFUSER IN•AIR device is an ultrasonic room diffuser. Diffusion by ultrasonic technology allows the benefits of essential oils to be fully enjoyed as the oil content is not altered in any way. Ultrasonic technology allows the oil mixed with water to evaporate without heating. The product is equipped with an LED lighting system, which turns it into a decorative item too.
With this cold vaporization system, the properties of the essential oils remain intact. The electrical power supply is used to activate the movement of a ceramic ball, which strikes a metal plate and generates vibrations at ultrasonic frequencies, not perceptible to the human ear, but able to break up water and essential oil molecules. The mixture contained in the diffuser's reservoir will be transformed into a light mist that will flow outward.
Use it with GSE AEROBIOTIC IN•AIR to achieve the right degree of humidity and to create an environment that is actively conducive to physical and mental well-being, day and night.