Nature for Women

A product line devoted to women: to protect, obtain and maintain not only physical but also mental well-being

The Donna W brand was created in 2006 within a Prodeco Pharma project aimed at the physical and mental well-being of women.

Donna W comprises a line of products specifically developed for women, in particular those facing menopause, to help protect, reach and maintain a healthy condition. Prodeco Pharma targets all women aware of the fact that only if they respect themselves and their body will they be able to express their femininity to the full, and for this reason they are health-conscious and care about their physical and mental well-being.

Donna W is the first product line based on an approach placing women in their individuality and uniqueness at the centre of the project and  therefore offers them the opportunity to choose their own personalized treatment, for a “customized menopause”.

 In fact, menopause is a transitional phase that women typically experience in a very personal way, despite the common physiological cause.

For these reasons, Prodeco Pharma has decided to deal with menopause offering a truly innovative approach that is at the same time completely natural while taking into account the physiological requirements of the female body during menopause, as well as the uniqueness of each woman in experiencing the typical symptoms of this important transitional phase.

 This is why the approach developed by Prodeco Pharma also considers women’s lifestyle today, in the new millennium, and pays particular attention to their need to be adequately informed so as to be able to choose the most suitable treatment in line with their specific needs at all levels, including symptoms signalling the onset of menopause.

Prodeco Pharma’s  phytotherapeutic  approach offers a common base food supplement suitable for all women, since physiological problems experienced are shared by all women facing menopause: hormonal unbalance, nutritional deficits and oxidative stress… All these problems are often caused and intensified by the typical contemporary lifestyle and eating habits. Together with this basic supplement, Prodeco Pharma has also devised a set of specific food supplements to help overcome the most typical symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings (anxiety, irritability, depression), hair loss and osteoporosis: all this allows us to create a customized treatment for each woman… and for each menopause.