One woman one menopause: the first product line offering each woman the opportunity to choose a personalized treatment, for a “customized” menopause. The menopause is a transitional phase, which women experience and interpret in very personal ways, despite there being a common physiological cause.  A woman’s menopause is, in fact, as personal and unique as are her fingerprints: it is “her” menopause.

For the above reasons, Prodeco Pharma has decided to take a completely innovative approach placing women, in all their individuality and uniqueness, at the centre of the project. The approach takes into account the physiological requirements of the female body during the menopause, as well as the uniqueness of each woman in experiencing the typical symptoms of this particular transitional phase. For the first time on the market, Prodeco Pharma has created a line of natural products with a personalized approach to menopause, offering each woman the chance to choose a customized treatment to satisfy her personal requirements at all levels and help resolve symptoms signalling the onset of menopause.