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Health in progress

Health in progress

Diagnosis and therapy 

A whole line focused on giving the chance to diagnose with certainty, scientifically and very accurately the possible presence of food intolerances through innovative methodologies recognised by the global scientific community.
Since January 2014 Prodeco Pharma, in line with the latest scientific discoveries in the medical and diagnostic field, proposes a new line completely dedicated to self-diagnostic system.

Food intolerances: how to diagnose them

Food intolerances represent an extremely undervalued topic, unfortunately rapidly growing: more and more people, men and women, children and adults suffer from them, often without knowing. The food intolerance is caused by the passage of undigested food macromolecules through the intestinal mucosa (too permeable). The macromolecules, in contact with lymphatic and blood systems, trigger the reaction of some elements of the immune system, which in turn produce a generalized inflammatory response. So the inflammation resulting from the presence of food intolerances involves the whole organism and could affect each organ and tissue.

Prodeco Pharma's commitment has made it possible to determine the presence of food intolerances through a simple, safe and accurate analysis, based on the determination and quantification of the immunoglobulins IgG4 food-specific through the ELISA method.

ELISA method is a technique of immunological analysis widely used in diagnostic and biochemical research laboratories to check for the presence of antibodies against specific molecules in the patients' blood.

In the case of TEST·IMUNE®, the diagnostic potential of ELISA method is used to determine and quantify the presence of antibodies IgG4 food-specific: the analysis of a few drops of blood makes it possible to evaluate the presence of intolerances towards 45 categories of food (involved in 98% of food intolerances).

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